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Camp Cowaw
Silk Screened
Felt Patch Set
Complete 1940s

Randall Holden writes:
"The gray variety appears to be worn, suggesting it was a camp issue. I am thinking 1940 on this issue. The SSC set was used until 1944. Where was the date 1943 picked up for the felt sewn issue? I don't show these being used until 1945. The Cowaw twill rounds started in 1950. The only other thought was that Camp Cowaw had other locations between 1919 and 1939 (1940 was the beginning of Cowaw on the Delaware) and the gray issue could have been the last year before the move to the river campsite. This gray SSC follows the Raritan Council felt rounds."

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each patch features: Felt, Number, Tree
Camp Issues Row 1, column 1

GRNCGLDGRN1940ssilk screenedtop row
GRYCGRNGRY1940??silk screenedlower left
GRNCORGGRN1943??silk screenedlower right