ccN16.jpgCamp Cowaw Green Neckerchief ccN13.jpgCamp Cowaw 1965 Troop Leader Neckerchief ccN15.jpgCamp Cowaw Yellow Staff Neckerchief
ccN17.jpgCamp Cowaw Red Neckerchief ccN17.jpgCamp Cowaw 1964 Troop Leader Neckerchief

Camp Cowaw Case Scout Reservation Neckerchiefs
Six Camp neckerchiefs

This set features Case Scout Reservation neckerchiefs. Camp Cowaw can trace its history back to 1920 as part of Monmouth Council, then part of Perth Amboy Council, in 1927 as part of Raritan Council, and finally in 1969 as part of Thomas Edison Council. During the 1960s, the name became Camp Cowaw, Case Scout Reservation.
Chester A. Case was president of Raritan Council, BSA in 1959 and has been noted as a Scout Benefactor. Please contact us if you can add to this history.

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neckerchiefs provided by Al Zusman