Camp Foran-Fisher
West Amwell Township, Hunterdon County

This appears to be some privately owned land used by scouts. Did you camp here or perhaps know about this camp? At this time, I have no photos.
The property once formed the estates of C. Lloyd Fisher and Colonel Arthur F. Foran. The property consisted of several lakes in West Amwell Township, Hunterdon County. The three elongated lakes are still there and are the largest in the area.
C. Lloyd Fisher was one of the lawyers for Richard Bruno Hauptmann during the Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial. Colonel Arthur F. Foran was a New Jersey State Senator and the father of the late New Jersey Senator Walter Foran.
I had the opportunity to speak with one of the grandsons of Colonel Arthur F. Foran, who passed along the following information.
Apparently, this was never a scout camp, but rather private property that was available for use by scout units. Colonel Foran was a strong supporter of scouting and was involved in many scouting activities. It appears the Colonel Foran, and perhaps some of his friends, owned property in that area, which they allowed scouts to use.
One of his sons, Jim Foran, was also active in scouting. He lived in a cabin on the property. Jim Foran and Colonel Foran both received a silver beaver, the highest award that council can confer upon volunteers, from the scout council.
There is no development on this property. The property is owned by the West Amwell Conservancy and is not available to the public. The lakes are not visible from the road because of a large knoll that blocks the view (possibly to prevent flooding).

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August 9, 2005