Save the Rock Neckerchief
The Rock Camp Rocker
George Washington Scout Reservation

george washinton scout reservation neckerchief
Save the Rock Neckerchief
george washinton scout reservation rocker
The Rock Rocker

During the 1980s, Council seemed to be in perpetual debt. Finally, a decision was made to sell George Washington Scout Reservation (GWSR). Part of the sale price would be used to pay off the outstanding debt, with the rest of the money put into a reserve to purchase another camp. At the same time, Council moved from its lovely, modern offices on State Route 31 to a building owned by the Pennington Methodist Church.
Several Scouters joined into an effort to "Save the Rock", the affectionate name for GWSR. They presented Council with several ideas, including logging the property. As part of the effort they created this unofficial neckerchief.
My impression, at the time, was that Council was totally inadequate toward solving the financial situation, with a lack of vision and a lack of imagination. The local units lost a wonderful, easily accessable place for short term camping. Council never did purchase property to replace GWSR.

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