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camp buccou

Camp Buccou
(Thanks to several Scouters from Bucks County Council, and Doug Kiovsky, Hunterdon Parks and Recreation, for their assistance with this research.)
Bucks County Council owned Camp Buccou in roughly the same area, from 1928 to 1940. There was some thought that these two camps, Camp Buck and Camp Buccou, might actually be the same site. However, it is now clear that these camps are NOT one and the same, although they are close to each other in Hunterdon County.


Camp Dill
When is a camp for scouting not really a Scout camp? Camp Dill was constructed and used initially by Troop 1, which later became Troop 91, of the Perth Amboy District, NJ. The land for the camp, originally leased by the troop, was acquired in 1937 by the Camp Dill Foundation, a private, non profit corporation composed of Troop 91 old timers. This material is included as an opportunity to acknowledge one of the many good things that are accomplished by Scouting.


Camp Foran-Fisher
Located in West Amwell, NJ, this was privately owned land used by scouts from the George Washington Council. I am unaware of any patch for this camp.


Camp Minitink
Located on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, a little south of Frenchtown, NJ, this camp was owned by the Camden Council from 1917 to 1946. I am unaware of any patch for this camp.

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January 29, 2003