The Mystery of Pahaquarry Copper

This is a reprint of an article from Compressed Air Magazine, March 1951, "The Mystery of Pahaquarry Copper". Thanks to Ed Dworak for providing the scans. Hopefully, based upon the publication date, this does not violate any copyright laws. Each of the pages consists of an index on the left and an image on the right.
Ed sends the following note:
Here's a cover of the 1963 printing of "The Old Mine Road" that may be helpful if someone is looking for a copy in an old book store. Also a complete copy of a reprint of Compressed Air Magazine from March 1951. What I find interesting about the pictures is on the last page, with the caption "Mementos of Failure" there's a picture of someone standing next to two remaining walls of an ancient building. Those two walls became two of the walls for the "Harold W. 'Pop' Keller" memorial O. A. Sanhican Lodge at Camp Pahaquarra. My first year at Camp Pahaquarra was 1958 and my last was 1970. Boxes of theses reprints were always available in the Camp Trading Post. The final page displays a newspaper article from 1963 from "The Trentonian."

The Mystery of Pahaquarry Copper