Camp Pahaquarra
The Beginning, the Middle, the End

Summary by David Patterson

The End:
Tocks Island Dam was proposed in 1962 as part of the Federal Flood Control Act. It became law in 1965 and the dam was to be competed in 1975. After much protest Congress stopped the program in 1978 and it was officially de-activated in 1992.
The Government originally offered $432,000 for the 795.13 acre Camp. The Council pointed out that they had been paying taxes on 1,093 acres, the final offer from the Corp of Engineers was $500,000. The property was condemned along with 70,000 other acres.
The Government officially took over the property after the 1970 camping season. The Council was able to lease the property back, for $2100, to complete the 1971 season. The Corp of Engineers leveled all of the existing Camp building in the fall of 1972 in anticipation of the start of construction and over concerns of looting and squatters.
It was recognized that the amount of money offered by the Government would not build a replacement camp. The Council undertook a fund raising activity to raise $1,250,000 to purchase and equip a replacement 545 acres camp at the pumping facility at Yards Creek, in nearby Blairstown. The new Camp was dedicated on June 25, 1972.
It was estimated that over 100,000 scouts attended Camp Pahaquarra in its 46 years of existence. I think this number is low considering the facility was used year round, not just in the summer.

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