The Old Mine Holes
Camp Pahaquarra History

Durling, William D. 1927
The Old Mine Holes and the Old Mine Road
Trenton Local Council
Boy Scouts of America
The Trenton Lodge of the Order of the Arrow was formalized in February 1919, when William D. Durling, and four other scouts, traveled to Treasure Island Scout Reservation, for induction into the Order of the Arrow by Unami Lodge No. 1. On October 16, 1922, William Durling was the first member elected to the Vigil Honor of the newly created Sanhican Lodge 2. Mr. Durling served as Sanhican Lodge 2 Chief for 1919-1920 and continued as Lodge Adviser until 1940.
Mr. Durling was elected second executive on December 28, 1917, and served until his resignation, January 1, 1921. In 1927, he wrote a short monograph about the area where Camp Pahaquarra was located. Camp Pahaquarra was acquired by the Trenton and Mercer Council in 1925.
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The Old Mine Holes and the Old Mine Road
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Monograph courtsy Larry Gering