The Old Mine Holes and The Old Mine Road
Camp Pahaquarra History

Again crossing the creek and following the old mine road, we go back to the camp site, with its attractively arranged tents and the Lawton Parade Grounds, named after Lewis Lawton, Jr. Mr. Lawton is vice-president of our Council and is greatly interested in Scouting.
Back of the camp is the river and Oakley Cove, named after Mr. Oakley, whom I have already mentioned. The Cove provides swimming, boating, canoeing and fishing. It is here that the boys have no end of fun and it is here that most of the lads go for a parting look, with a sigh, at the end of their time in camp. The catamarans were the gift of Mr. Eppele, already mentioned, and Mr. Owen Prior, another fine friend of the boys.
So much for the past-ancient and more recent alike. But what of the future? Since we have no way, as a great man has put it, to judge the future except by the past, can we not feel that the. future of Camp Pahaquarra is assured? The writer of this article has been a camper all of his life. He has visited camps of all sizes in many states, and he has yet to find one anywhere that will in any way compare with Camp Pahaquarra. Camp Pahaquarra has unlimited possibilities and so it is with a ring of gladness that one asks "What of the Future?"
In conclusion the author wishes to express appreciation for the helpful cooperation of Mr. John P. Dullard of Trenton, Librarian of the New Jersey State Library; Mrs. Ribble, Mrs. Shoemaker and Mr. Peter Dimmick of the Pahaquarry Country; Scout Executive E. R. Carrick and Mr. John H. Sines, managing editor of The State Gazette and the Sunday Times-Advertiser, at Trenton.

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