camp pahaquarra 1932 skill award 1
Camp 1932 skill award
camp pahaquarra 1932 skill award 2
Camp 1932 skill award

Camp Pahquarra Skill Awards
Camp Pahaquarra

David Oertle writes that he has documentation dating these two patches as 1932. These are Camp skill awards, similar to completing a 5-mile hike or making marksman at the rifle range.
There is no way to tell who made these patches. Whether they were made by someone at the Camp or some professional patch company. Note the excellent quality of the CP and the axe. I have been told that someone skilled in silkscreening could make a reusable pattern in about an hour. Note also the rather poor job of cutting the edges of the patches.

Camp Pahaquarra Patch Collection
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anyone want to guess what the two skills are
Pennants Row 1, columns 5,6