Camp Pahaquarra 1946 round patch
Pahaquarra 1946 Patch
Camp Pahaquarra 1947 round patch
Pahaquarra 1947 Patch
Camp Pahaquarra 1948 round patch
Pahaquarra 1948 Patch
Camp Pahaquarra 1950 round patch
Pahaquarra 1950 Patch
Camp Pahaquarra 1971 round patch.jpg
Pahaquarra 1971 Patch
Camp Pahaquarra 1971 rcup.jpg
Pahaquarra 1971 Cup

Round Patch Set 1946-1971
Camp Pahaquarra

The 1971 patch is the last patch distributed by Camp Pahquarra before the camp closed. This patch recognizes the many years of service by the camp dating back to 1926. It appears that starting in the year 1951 and going through the year 1970, the camp would issue only a rocker with the appropriate year number and no round patch.

Camp Pahaquarra Patch Collection
Camp Issues Row 3, columns 1-5
not necessarily shown to scale

Bdr R/C Bkg Name Year Comment
GRN C WHT RED 1946 Round
RED C WHT GRN 1947 Round
BLK C WHT RED 1948 Round
BLK C WHT RED 1950 Round
RED C WHT RED 1971 Round

All the round patches are 3-inch diameter