Driving Direction to
Yards Creek Scout Reservation


Yards Creek Scout Reservation is off Rte. 94, a few miles west of Blairstown. From south-west New Jersey, go north on Rte. 31 to Rte. 46 to Rte. 94. Then, go a few miles east on Rte. 94 toward Blairstown. Look for a road called Walnut Valley Road. This is roughly at the intersection of Rte. 94 and an unmarked road toward Vail, and about 100 foot west of the Dairy Queen. It's been a while since I was at YCSR, so things may have changed.
Go north on Walnut Valley Road for 3 or 4 miles, it's a pretty sharp rise, until you come to the Power Station. Drive onto the Power Station property and stop at the Guard Station. Then, follow the road to the camp. It eventually becomes a dirt road. Keep going until you reach the camp parking lot.

Yards Creek Scout Reservation
October 15, 1999