yards creek 1978 neckerchief

Camp Staff Neckerchief 1978
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

(Thanks to the following former campers for this information about the rather unique 1978 Staff Neckerchief.)

Yes, this was the "official" Staff Neckerchief for the 1978 camp season. I still have mine. As I recall, a scouter's wife in the Pennington area stiched them up for Joe Dubee the camp director that season (and for the next 5 years). The patch while used at Camp Pahaquarra, was thought of more as a "council patch" at the time. In my 1978 staff photo you can see we are all wearing what we laughingly called our "Italian tablecloths." (Arthur Garrison)
Art has given you the correct story. I still have my 1978 tablecloth as well. They were not well received by the staff but they did have a cool patch and they were hand sewn by one of the scouter's wife. Art would know better than me. (Joseph Knauer)
The issue of the Council Patch is interesting. Checking the George Washington Council website, this is the only patch of this type (round, with totem pole) that I see. Was this the only patch, of this type used by GWC? How long after Camp Pahaquarra closed did Council continue to sell the patch?

YCSR Camp Patch Set