Camp Fire Skits
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

In addition to the many other things he did at YCSR, John Seubert, was known at camp for his role in one of the Friday evening campfire skits. This was the highlight of many campfires. The skit was known by several different names, including Folding the Bandanna. In the skit, the straightman (the professor) would instruct the Scout how to fold a bandanna. Unfortunately, the Scout (Toody) would hear the word as Banana. After carefully following the professor's instructions, the Scout would have a badly mangled, lump of banana mush. The skit always ended with the professor saying in a very exasperated manner, Oh, Toody. John tells the following about the skit.

We called it "Toody and the Professor," and the Professor was played by Alan VanNatta. My understanding is that Corky Staats used to do the skit back in the early 1970s. I did Bananas in 1983 with Alan. In 1984 I did the skit with Jonathan Sturgis at the Sunday night opening fire to advertise the rifle range by mangling a waffle. The "are you sure?" tag line haunted me all summer. I did bananas again in 1985 with John D'Amico. Then we let the CITs have the skit after that. But I would *always* do the skit if Alan was in camp.
Do you remember the "waffle range skit?" In 1984 we had an opening night campfire with each program area providing an informational advertisement in skit form to promote its program. Jonathan Sturgis and I did "Toody and the Professor" with me bringing breakfast up to the rifle range for him as he was preparing the rifles for use for the day, and before you knew it I was confusing rifles with waffles and proceeded to take apart, clean and oil the waffles. The disadvantage for me was that the "Are you sure?" tag line was repeated in my face all week by the campers, instead of just Saturday mornings as with the Friday night banana skit.
Lord, this brings back so many memories. So many names that I remember. Could we all go back for just one more time? Write and tell us about your favorite campfire skit.

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