yards creek camp pennant
Yards Creek Camp Pennant
ycsr 1997 25th anniversary patch
Yards Creek 25th Anniversary Patch
ycsr 2012 40th anniversary patch S56
Sakuwit 2S56
not an official YCSR issue
ycsr 2011 Frontier Trek patch
Yards Creek 2011 Frontier Trek Patch
ycsr 2012 40th anniversary patch
Yards Creek 40th Anniversary Patch

25th Anniversary Patch
40th Anniversary patch
YCSR Camp Pennant   
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

Yards Creek was closed to camping at the end of 1996, so our major concern for the troop in 1997 was to find a new summer camp. Please contact me if you have more information about these patches. Was there a anniversary celebration somewhere?
Doug Walker writes about the 2012 Sakuwit S56 Flap:
This patch was issued by Sakuwit Lodge #2. This is a Sakuwit Lodge patch and is not an official YCSR patch. The S56 flap was issued, and paid for, by Sakuwit Lodge #2. Only 100 were made, each hand numbered on the back of the flap. The Lodge sold flaps 51-100 to their members, and donated flaps 1-50 to FoYCSR (Friend of Yard Creek Scout Reservation) as a fundraiser for the group. Notice YCSR ghosted into the top left of the flap. (look closely, it is very difficult to see) The year 2012 was the 40th Anniversary of YCSR.
The 2011 Frontier Trek was well attended. The are several web pages that discuss the activities at YCSR. Search for "Yards Creek 2011 Frontier Trek" for more information.
The camp pennant is quite attractive. Were there other camp pennants available? The 1997 patch and the pennant were provided by Robert Sulia.

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