New Jersey Special Olympics
Spring 2000

Another great New Jersey Special Olympics Summer Games at the College of New Jersey. Congratulations to the more than 2,500 volunteers who helped make this event possible for the 2,300 registered athletes, with total crowd estimated at 7,000. Thanks to Joan Nester, Mercer Area District, for organizing and coordinating Scout participation in the NJ Special Olympics. The opening parade was rained out Friday night and was rescheduled to Saturday afternoon.

Opening Ceremony Cancelled

The Friday evening Opening Ceremony started out okay with a very impressive parade of the atheletes, scouts, Law Enforcement Officers, and some other organizations. Jack Ford, the television newsperson introduced the participants. However as Jack was about to introduce Governor Whitman, the weather bureau issued an immenent storm warning and the crowd was urged to evacuate the stands.
Actually, it was only necessary to look up to the north and to see all those great big, black clouds. When the rain started, it came down in torrents. The crowds managed to evacuate the stands quickly. Almost everyone was able to seek cover without getting too wet.

Scout Power

There were more than 110 proud scouts and scouters from the Central New Jersey Council helping with the tables, helping clean up, wearing the special Pineapple, pink rabbit and other costumes, and helping run the games.

The Joan Nester Hall of Fame
for Outstanding Volunteers

Troop 6
Troop 44
Troop 96
Troop 144
Troop 5700
Troop 28
Troop 91
Troop 257
Troop 212
Troop 33 MAD
Troop 33 JKD
Troop 579
Troop 230

Volunteer Power

Terry Murphy, a big, friendly volunteer with the Wakefern Corporation in Elizabeth, NJ has been at the Special Olympics for more than 11 years. Shoprite seemed to be everywhere. I counted at least five 18-wheelers filled with goodies and great food. Terry says that Wakefern had more than 850 volunteers helping at the event.


yellow Special Olympics
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