New Jersey Special Olympics
Spring 2002

The Summer Games attracted 2700 atheletes and 2940 volunteers. The opening parade, scheduled for Friday evening, was cancelled because of nearby thunderstorms, and was rescheduled to Saturday evening.

Scout Power

Thanks to Joan Nester, Mercer Area District, for organizing and coordinating Scout participation in the Special Olympics. There were more than 179 proud scouts and scouters from the Central New Jersey Council helping with the tables, helping clean up, wearing the special Pineapple, pink rabbit and other costumes, and helping run the games.
Some of the things that I noticed were scouts making picture badges and giving rope making demonstrations (Troop 96), set up the Shoprite booth in the midway (Troop 759), used a solar oven to bake chocolate cookies (Troop 5700). Troops 91, 180, 5700 worked in the Food Tent, setting up the tables, putting out ice, lots of other jobs.
Troop 5700 had 14 boys and 5 scouters working in the Food Tent. This is the sixth year that the troop has done this job. Troop 180 looked great in their distinctive yellow Tee shirts.
A new troop was at the camporee. Troop 2002 was formed this year and guess how they picked their troop number. Troop 33 was everywhere. Finally, someone explained that there were two Troop 33s at the camporee, MAD Troop 33 and JKD Troop 33. Both troops brought lots of scouts. The JKD unit likes to refer to themselves as "The Other 33".

The Joan Nester Hall of Fame
for Outstanding Volunteers

** Troop camped overnight

Troop 6 **
Troop 40 **
Troop 52
Troop 144
Troop 96
Troop 2002
Troop 28 **
Troop 44
Troop 63 **
Troop 180 **
Troop 5700 **
Troop 33 MAD
Troop 33 JKD
Troop 91
Troop 759 **

Volunteer Power

While many companies operated booths and games, two groups merit special acknowledgement. Once again, Shoprite ran the Food Tent and several smaller booths in the midway. Think about it, more than 5,000 atheletes and volunteers passing through the tent for lunch from about 11 AM to 2 PM. Think of how much food has to be available and the organization needed to make it all work.

The other group are the New Jersey Police units. There were several units from various parts of New Jersey. I apologize that I just could not get a list of all the units, but I really enjoy the opportunity to speak with police people from all over the State.

Who do you think was cooking all those hamburgers and hot dogs for the people to enjoy? All morning, the police were cooking over 14 huge charcoal barbeques, a really hot, messy, smoke-filled job. That was one lot of hamburgers and hot dogs. You guys did good.


Special Olympics
in New Jersey