Some Dates and Numbers
Central New Jersey Council

Central New Jersey Council was created January 1, 1999 after the merger of George Washington Council and Thomas A. Edison Council. The merger date for GWC and for TAEC was December 31, 1998.
Quite often, when councils merge, the new council will take one of numbers from the merged councils, as when the new CNJC took the number 352 used previously by TAEC. However, this is not always the case. When TAEC was created after the merger of Raritan Council #356 and Middlesex Council #344, TAEC was assigned #352, different from the Raritan and Middlesex Councils.
Individual Councils do no choose their own numbers. Instead, council numbers are assigned by Boy Scouts of America National Council. As a general rule, if the new council headquarters is at the same address as one of the merged councils, National will assign the number of that council. For example, when Patriot's Path Council was created after the merger of Morris-Sussex Council and Watchung Council, Patriot's Path opened in the former Watchung Council headquarters in Mountainside and was assigned Watchung Council's #358.
The situation is different for Order of the Arrow Lodges. Here, individual councils do assign lodge numbers and a council may choose to continue a merged lodge number. Thus, some lodges can trace the history of their number quite far back in time. For example, the number for Sakuwit Lodge #2 can be traced back to Trenton Lodge #2 in 1919 (Trenton Council, New Jersey).
Note that BSA National designates lodges by their associated council, not by the lodge number. Thus, National recognizes Sakuwit Lodge #2 simply as Central New Jersey Council #352 Sakuwit Lodge.
Much of the information on this page is from personal correspondance with Randall Holden, Director of the New Jersey Scout Museum.

November 15, 2008