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2005 Jamboree Pin Set
Central New Jersey Council
Discussion of the 8 Pins

In early 2005, a committee of Scouts only, no adult leaders, met to consider a theme for the coming Jamboree. Their choice was "New Jersey Firsts", things that were done first in New Jersey. There were many, many posibilites, but you can see the final choices on our patch pages or on the above pin set.
The obvious choice was the Light Bulb by Thomas Edison. This can be seen on the Staff Patch page. The most popular choices were the Hot Air Balloon and the Electric Guitar. There is the beloved "Nipper" the long time logo of the Radio Corporation of America Laboratories in Princeton, (later RCA). Finally, the Miss America annual event was added as a special patch, with no assigned Troop.
Pins were still popular at that time, so we added the above pin set. However, it appears that patches are now much more popular that pins. Each troop had their own patch and their own neckerchief color.
The border on the troop neckerchief matches the border color on the troop patch. Pin size is 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches.

  • The first submarine was built in 1878 by John Holland of Passaic County. The submarine is now in a public museum in Paterson.
  • The first phonograph was made by Thomas A. Edison in Menlo Park in 1877.
  • The first balloon flight in America was made by Jean-Pierre Blanchard. On January 9,1793, he landed a balloon at Deptford carrying a letter from George Washington.
  • The first professional basketball game was played in Trenton in 1896.
  • The first steam locomotive to actually pull a train on a track was built by John Stevens of Hoboken in 1824.
  • The first solid body electric guitar was invented by Les Paul of Mahwah in 1940.
  • The first robot to replace a human worker was used by General Motors in Ewing Township in 1961.
  • The first Miss America was chosen in Atlantic City in 1921.
  • The first incandescent lamp (light bulb) was made by Thomas A. Edison in Menlo Park in 1879.

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