2010 jamboree jacket patch
2010 Jamboree Jacket Patch
2010 jamboree recognition patch
2010 Jamboree Recognition Patch

2010 National Jamboree
Central New Jersey Council
Jacket Patch Set

The Federal Government designated much of the area which we call Central New Jersey Council as the 'Crossroad to the American Revolution'. Thus it seemed appropriate to chose this as our theme for patches for the centennial national scout jamboree.

With input from the Commission established to protect our historical sites and the New Jersey Brigade Society a a number of portraits and concepts were selected to built this illustrious patch set.

Famous Generals, major Battles, Historic sites were all included in the patch designs. Seven CNJC troops were assembled and each given a name as depicted on their patch. A unique neckerchief was also given to each Scout with colors that matched their JSP.

The jacket patch tries to capture the flow of the Continental Army and British Armies across CNJC and the area designated as the 'Crossroad of the American Revolution'.

Central New Jersey Council Patch Collection
National Jamboree Issues Row 1, Column 6