Air Scouts
George Washington Council

(The following is an excerpt from the George Washington Council annual report for 1938-1939.)
The Air Troop, meeting weekly, offers Senior Scouts training in Aviation fundamentals. The study of mechanics. navigation, meteorology, aerodynamics, and civil aviation practice is under the guidance of a group of experts chartered as a troop. The Scouts of this Troop are not permitted to engage in actual flight as scouts, but a general knowledge of the principles may be gained. The troop has sponsored successful Air Shows and helps at the local Model Meets held indoor and outdoor by the National Aviation Association.

(The following item is from a publication celebrating the Fifty Anniversary of Pennington Borough, given to me by Jack Koeppel of the Hopewell Valley Historical Society.)
Excerpted from the 1940 publication:
Pennington Presents her Present and Past 1940
Written by Eric W. Turner

Air Troop

"This era of air-mindedness calls for some interest in aviation. Accordingly, the Council maintains an Air Troop, that meets at the Mercer Airport and receives ground training under the supervision of a National Guard officer. Although there are now no Pennington Scouts in this troop,there have been several in the immediate past."