Sea Scout Band
Trenton Times November, 1934
George Washington Council

Band Established Three Years Ago
Scout Musicians directed By Martin Mayer Won Praise of Pryor

Three years ago the Seascout Band of Trenton was organized by the then chairman of Scout activities, Dr. A. W. Belting, with the assistance of several other members of the Council and the Trenton Kiwanis Club.
The band promoters issued a general call to Scouts interested in musical work. Martin Mayer was commissioned as Scoutmaster for the unit. Rehearsals each Saturday morning were held in the Third Presbyterian Church auditorium through the courtesy of Dr. John McNab, the pastor. Last year the band moved to the Memorial Building stage, where each Saturday from nine o'clock until noon one may hear the music that has helped make the Scout Band a famous New Jersey outfit.
The Scout Band engagements are usually limited by Chairman Henry W. Johnson to those activities having to do with Scouting. The appearances of the band may not in any way conflict with professional musicians, and while they appear each year at the Capitol Theater as guests of the management they may not accept paid engagements and are not permitted to play professionally at any time.

The band's fame is rapidly spreading, however, Last Christmas Eve the outfit played at various institutions in Trenton. Later at the Victor Company studios a record was made of two great musical marches written by Mr. Mayer, "To the Boy Scout" and "Crescent Temple March." Last spring the band played at the dedication by the National Council's new Scout training center. Several engagements are anticipated for this Winter. These bandsmen have earned their spurs.
The Council was proud to have Arthur Pryor point them out last year as one of the best bands of the type in the country today. We hop that for many years to come we will hear the ring of brasses and the old fine shout of "Here Comes the Band!"
Photo: The accompanying photograph shows the band on stage, with about 50 boys dressed in white, sailor-type uniforms. The photo caption reads "Band Wins Fame in Musical Circles".

(The following is an excerpt from the George Washington Council annual report for 1938-1939.)

Sea Scout Band Troop

The Band Troop meets Saturday mornings, and provides trained guidance in music for all Scouts. There are fifty members of the Band each year, and the musical services of this organization are available for all Scouting affairs, and for those civic occasions and occasional other concert services where the scouts can not interfere or hamper the services of adult band organizations. These outside services have included concerts and parades for scout affairs and for the Red Cross, Community Chest, Armistice Day, Trenton Times Kiddies Christmas, Kiwanis Club Convention, Patients of State Hospitals. The Band has gone on frequent trips to other Councils and other cities, and has played in New York, Philadelphia, and in Camden where a recording was made of two marches written for the scouts by the Band Scoutmaster.

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