Mall Shows
George Washington Council

The following two articles were printed by the Trentonian newspaper on the occasion of the Council Show at Quakerbridge Mall, West Windsor NJ. Note that the articles discuss council history, with little or no mention of the Mall Show. I have another, very long article which I will, hopefully, post someday.
   Council History, Mall Show 1985
   Gives a nice history of the council. I have a problem with some
   of the dates. This is the more interesting of the two articles.
   Council History, Mall Show 1982
   Rather similar to the 1985 article.
ask jos:
This brings back memories. I was at both Mall shows. I recognize some of the people in the photos. Troop 41 used to build a Monkey Bridge on the second floor, in front of Pennys. Bill Groth, a great Scoutmaster, had a "come-along", a winch used to tighten rope tension. The boys had a great time assisting kids walk across the bridge. Eventually, someone decided that the bridge was dangerous and that was that.
I worked the Pinewood Derby track at the Mall for a couple of years. Remember the 8-lane track. The track captured the order of finish, 1,2,3,...8, and each kid raced on each of the eight tracks. That was a lot of work, from 9 AM to 9 PM
Before council had access to the Mall, the Council Scout Show was held at the Eggerts Crossing Armory in Lawrenceville. That was really nice, we were outdoors and we had lots of space. The show returned to the Armory after the Mall became unavailable to Council.

September 12, 1999