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The Trenton Kiwanis Club has made many generous contributions to the growth of Scouting in Trenton. Here are some excerpts from the "History of the Trenton Kiwanis Club", compiled in 1993 by Wilson Sturdevant. This material was provided by Rett Campbell, secretary, Trenton Kiwanis Club.

1920 In 1920 the Boy Scout movement in Trenton was so hopelessly in debt that the future of the organization was in doubt. Under President Hoffman's leadership the Kiwanis Club of Trenton guaranteed the financial needs of the Boy Scouts, went to the community for funds and to this date has been a constant financial and manpower supporter of Boy Scouts.
1923 The Boy Scout fundraising campaign reached $12,500 and the Trenton Times pledged $1,000 to be used toward the purchase of a permanent campsite.
1925 The most notable activity of Trenton Kiwanis in 1925 related to the Boy Scouts which had a pressing need for a camp site. Kiwanian Christopher Cartlidge and several other members had spent two years investigating and locating an appropriate location and now presented the proposition of purchasing 1450 acres in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap area. When the site selection was approved Chris Cartlidge came forward and led the men able to finance the project. The camp was named Camp Pahaquarra. For the sixth consecutive year Trenton Kiwanis guaranteed the Trenton Boy Scout Council funds to operate for the coming year and more than $15,000 was raised.
1926 The purchase of Camp Pahaquarra was completed and $20,000 was raised for the Boy Scouts to meet their budget for 1927. Fifty members of the club drove 100 miles to the camp and in one day painted two buildings, each 2 1/2 stories high, donating paint and brushes. This type of activity was repeated many times over the next forty or more years with thousands of manhours expended.
1927 Again, through a campaign sponsored and entirely conducted by Kiwanians, $20,000 was raised to meet the Boy Scout needs for 1928. Kiwanian Chris Cartlidge had complete supervision of Camp Pahaquarra equipment which, through his adroit management, was continually improving. His method of financing those purchases was veiled in mystery - we only know that all bills were marked "Paid" when presented to the council.
1928 Kiwanian Siegfried Roebling presented a beautiful seagoing yacht to the Sea Scouts for nautical training and the Trenton club provided funds to the Scout Council to provide crew and operating expenses.
1929 Despite the economic problems the club met it's commitment to Boy Scouts by raising $20,000 to meet their budget for the year.
1932 Holland B. Slusser served as president in 1932, a year in which special emphasis was placed on activities to support the Boy Scout Council on which 6 members of the (Trenton) Kiwanis Club served as Council members. Despite great financial stress caused by the depression and considerable concern that it "can't be done" Kiwanians solicited donations in the amount of $8,000. A group of 50 boys was organized into a new Boy Scout troop. A 1932 Trenton Times editorial congratulated the Kiwanis Club on it's efforts: "When Trenton's Kiwanians set out to accomplish something, it's well nigh impossible to stop them. Take the 1932 Boy Scout fund for example. The local clubmen encountered some difficulty in their original quest for a Scout budget. But did they quit? Not at all. On the contrary, they immediately began devising ways and means of rounding out the sum necessary for the year's Scout activities in the Trenton and Mercer areas. A benefit play is to be given in the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building, a play staged and produced by the Kiwanians themselves. Other plans are afoot for gaining an added measure of financial support. We are willing to hazard a guess that the Kiwanis will be successful in reaching it's goal. Failure is simply not included in the club's vocabulary."
1933 Holland B. Slusser served as president in 1932. Despite the down economy, club members raised $11,000 for the Boy Scouts, a 40% increase over the previous year. Of the 100 members of the Trenton-Mercer County Area Boy Scout Executive Committee, thirty were Trenton Kiwanians.
1934 During the 1934 Boy Scout fund drive, in which $10,000 was raised, the Trenton Times issued a special edition called "Boy Scout Times" and any scout who sold sixty or more copies won two weeks free at Camp Pahaquarra.
1938 The Club sent five boys to Camp Pahaquarra
1944 Our own Boy Scout Band played at numerous public functions in 1944, such as Bond rallies, Red Cross meetings, and Honor Roll dedications.
1949 On June 4, 26 men applied 20 gallons of paint and accomplished work valued at $400.00 on the buildings at Camp Pahaquarra.
1951 The Club assisted the George Washington Council in it's sponsorship of the Scout Circus at the Trenton Armory on April 14. On June 16 members spent the day painting the interior of the George S. Davey Memorial Infirmary at Camp Pahaquarra.
1971 Having to move it's summer camp from Pahaquarra due to expected construction of a high dam at the Delaware water Gap, the George Washington Council opened it's Yards Creek Reservation on June 24th with Trenton Kiwanis contributing the first of expected $2,000 per year gifts.
1974 Following the Club's $2,000 contribution to the George Washington Council of Boy Scouts in 1972, contributions of $2,000 per year were made in 1973 and 1974. having contributed $6,000 the Board in January 1975 felt that The Club was deserving of some special recognition by the Boy Scouts, and after several meetings with the Council, they agreed to designate their 19 acre lake at Yards Creek "Lake Kiwanis." On July 16, a bus load of Trenton Kiwanis members arrived at "Lake Kiwanis" and proudly listened to President Steve Maurer deliver the dedicatory speech. The board further voted to memorialize future boards to continue $2,000 per year contributions until a total of $12,000 had been given.
1976 The first Boy Scout "Good Guy" award was presented to the Trenton Kiwanis Club.
1982 Twenty members (of the Trenton Kiwanis club) plus some Key Club (High School Kiwanis) and Circle K Club (College Kiwanis) spent over two days painting the interior of the Boy Scouts new headquarters in Pennington.
1984 At a cost of $300, canoes and a trailer were presented to the George Washington Council of Boy Scouts.
1999 Trenton Kiwanis made a generous contribution to Troop 15 to help pay for camping.

September 12, 1999