Mounted Scout Troop
George Washington Council

Boy Scout Riders to Give Annual Show Saturday

George Washington Council Mounted Boy Scout Troop will stage its annual horse-show and novelty riding program Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the 112th Field Artillery, Eggert's Crossing.
Members of the Mounted Girl Scout Troop will also participate. Captain Lyman Burbank is in general charge. Music will be provided by the Sea Scout Band and officers and members of the executive board of George Washington Council will attend.
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Mounted Scout Troop 112 was a group of scouts and leaders interested in horses and riding. The group met at the Eggerts Crossing Armory and was active from 1933 to 1941. A similar group existed for the Girl Scouts. You can read about the Troop and its 50th anniversary, in the Trenton Times article of May 8, 1983. There is also a wonderful photograph of a mounted scout in a Trenton Times article of February 18, 1940.
There is a photo with the above article showing perhaps 30 to 40 riders and their horses. Unfortunately, the photo is impossible to scan and some of the riders are difficult to see. I do not have a caption for the photo. Another article, "The 112th mounts up again," discussing the 50th reunion of the Mounted Boy scout Troop appears in May 8, 1983 issue of the Trenton Times. There is an impressive list of names and accomplishments.

(The following is an excerpt from the George Washington Council annual report for 1938-1939.)

Mounted Scout Troop

Scouts of the Mounted Troop are admitted from the line Troops by recommendation of their own scoutmaster. The troop meets on Saturday morning, and all members are carried for a two year training period. Their instruction and practice is thorough, and carries from the stable into the paddock and the field.
Graduates of the troop are reasonable accomplished horsemen. The troop takes frequent trips, and offers an annual outdoor Horse Show which has become an interesting and well attended scouting event. Each fall, one half of the members are graduated from the troop, and the vacancies filled from the waiting lists provided by scouts as they become of Senior age. The Mounted group has had a deep affect upon the general success of all Scouting and because of the attitude of younger scouts who look toward the upper-bracket units with respect. Representing nearly all troops of the Council the "Mounties" and Air Scouts are frequently used for Scout service to others.

September 12, 1999