Trail of the Air
George Washington Council
Trenton Times April 8, 1956

Did you know Trenton Scouts had their own radio show? Use the links below to read the article that appeared in the Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser on April 8, 1956. The article opens in a new window.
In an early version of this page, I used only part of the article as it appeared in the Trenton Times. However, I have decided this was not fair to Mr. Bilotti, not fair to the Trenton Times, and especially not fair to you, the reader. Because of the length of the article, it has been reproduced as two separate pages. To my horror, as I was entering the article, I discovered some of the article is missing. I will try to complete this, some day.
Photos: There are two photos with the article. One shows an outdoor scene, sitting around the campfire on a snow-covered day. The caption reads, "The 'Scout Trail of the Air' microphone invades the inner circle of camp life as scouts of Troop No. 1 of the Hungarian Reformed Church set up Winter camp. Dave Rosmarion is narrator-producer of the show which covers Boy Scouting in action throughout the George Washington Council every week of the year. Left to right: Ted Feher, Ronald Funk, Bouglas Meckel, post adviser; Joe Ayares, radio news director; David Rosmarin, Bill Ebert and Joe King."
The second photo shows a boardcast in action. I cannot read most of the caption, but I can make out David Rosmarin, a Scout from Troop 93, a Scout from Troop 25, and Tom Durand, program director of WTTM. In a younger life, Rosemary and I knew Tom and his wife. They were wonderful, talented people.

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