Boy Scout Trail of the Air
George Washington Council
Now Starting Its 10th Year (2)

Director Rosmarin has won Wide Acclaim
Records Activities of Boys at Home and Afield

Tapes Played Back
Playing back the tapes also is popular with institutions that sponsor Scout troops. Several have been reintroduced to the troop which they had officially sponsored for years but whch had almost been forgotten.
Things like that cause Dave Rosmarin to say that he has been adequately payed for nine years of volunteer work in keeping the program on the air.
The air version of the Scout Trail of the Air hasn't had a complete script since its first broacast. and according to Rosmarin, has broken all the rules of "good radio" during its first nine years.
It purposely has included youngsters who stuttered, musicians whith three weeks training - "because it's sometimes more important to give these fellows a pat on the back than to turn out a polished product," says the producer.
The Scout Trail of the Air found itself on the air almost as soon as the idea was broached.
Rosmarin remembers that with the consent of the late George Davey, scout executive, he visited the radio station on a Friday afternoon to ask if the Boy Scouts could have some time on the station. The program director asked if I could start Monday, for 13 and 1/2 minutes at 5:15 p.m. Rosmarin eagerly accepted and then started to worry about what he was going to say.

"I decided to explain how the program had originated and what we hoped to do. I polished that speech and praticed reading it for the next two days. The announcer was flabbergasted when I said 'So long, everybody' right on the nose. He asked why I had been so nervous before going on the air."
Felt Like Professional
"Well, I left the station feeling like a real professional. I remember wondering why some people spent years preparing for radio. I felt I had mastered it the first time out. Everyone I asked said it had gone very well. Later I was fishing for reactions from the scouts in Troop 93. I received about 25 okays and then from young Pete Watkins, an 'okay, but' "
"He said it didn't sound like me and the more I thought about how careful I had been to time my voice, polish the sentences, I was convinced he was right. We've never used a script since."
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September 12, 1999