(The following is an excerpt from the George Washington Council annual report for 1938-1939.)

Sea Scouts
George Washington Council

The largest Senior branch, the Sea Scouts who are attached to units within the troops, face a completely different program of scouting. This is based on sea practice, and from the first change of the uniform to the blues of the sea, the scout uses differing advancement work and his camps become the cruises that are the high spot of each sea-going year.
Under the leadershp of the Sea Scout Committee, monthly meetings of all sea scout units are held, and training established at thes carries throuh the other meetings of the units held at their home base.
Two motor boats and two sailboats are kept up by the groups with two sailboats being added during the coming year. The growth of seascouting during the past year has been the best since the organization of the Council, and continued additions are already prepared for the coming twelve months.

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