Roeblings's Yacht for Sea Scouts
Trenton Times April 8, 1928
George Washington Council

Motor Craft for Trenton Youths Now in Maryland Yard
Boat is Completely Equipped for Deep Sea Cruising
Trenton and Mercer County Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, have received the gift of a 62-foot motor ship, the Ballantrae, from Robert C. Roebling, of 941 Berkeley Avenue. This announcement was made yesterday by Joseph B. Hottel, president of the Council, and Clifford H. Oakley, chairman of the Sea Scout Committee. Mr. Oakley has been instrumental in securing funds with which to underwrite operation and maintenance of the ship during the Summer months for the next three years. This will be a special budget independent of the general budget of the local Scout Council, amounting to about $20,000 annually, which is raised by the Kiwanis Club through public subscription.
At present, the Ballantrae is located in the shipyard of her builder at Solomon's Island, Maryland, on Chesapeake Bay, where, at his own expense, Mr. Roebling is having her forward cabin remodeled to increase the bunk capacity for 12 scouts. The after cabin provides permanent quarters for master and engineer. When these changes have been completed, the Ballantrae will be borough to Trenton about May 1, and docked at the Municipal Wharf, where Mayor Donnelly and the City Commission are prepared to arrange for its permanent berth.
Photos: There are four photos with this article. One shows the ship at dock, one is Mr. Clifford H. Oakley, one is Lt. Harry Adams, U. S. N., and one is of an unnamed gentleman.
ask jos
Yes, the Sea Scouts did sail this ship. There is an article about the ship, carrying 12 scouts, visiting Newport, RI. I am trying to get a copy of the article for the website. There is more to the above article about the Ballantrae, I will try to get the missing section.

September 12, 1999