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Yards Creek Scout Reservation
YCSR was the council-wide camp before the merger on January 1, 1999. At that time, the camp was transferred to the new council and continues to operate. The camp, created in 1972 as a replacement for Camp Pahaquarra, is located near Blairstown, NJ, and is available all year. YCSR closed for renovations February 1997, re-opening October 1998 as a limited-use facility.
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the Rock
The Rock

The George Washington Scout Reservation
This lovely 219 acre wooded area, rising high above the Delaware River near Lambertville, NJ, was active from September 29, 1964 to December 31, 1988. The camp was sold in 1988 and part of the proceeds used to retire some outstanding debt.

About Pahaquarra

Camp Pahaquarra
Camp Pahaquarra, active from 1925 to 1972, was the first council-wide camp owned by the George Washington Council. Originally, the 1000 acre camp was the site of many commercial copper mines. Copper ore was mined in the area at least as early as 1659, but by 1917 the mines were no longer profitable and most of the mines were closed by 1924. You can read about Pahaquarra in Compressed Air Magazine, March 1951, "The Mystery of Pahaquarry Copper" (sic).


camp buck
More Camp Buck

Camp Buck
Just off Route 31 (Route 69 at that time), along the South Branch of the Raritan River near Clinton, NJ, Camp Buck was active sometime around 1946-1974. The camp is now part of the Pine Hill Section of the South Branch Reservation, part of the Hunterdon County park system.


Some Dates
George Washington Council

Camp Pahaquarra
Camp Buck
George Washington Scout Reservation
Yards Creek Scout Reservation

1925 to 1972
1914 to 1974
29 Sep 1964 to 31 Dec 1988
1972 to present

Yards Creek became part of Central New Jersey Council.

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