Hunterdon District 1998 Klondike Patch
1998 Klondike Patch
Hunterdon District Camporee Patch 1
Camporee Patch 1
Hunterdon District Camporee Patch 2
Camporee Patch 2
coffee mug
District Mug
Hunterdon District Klondike Patch 2
Klondike Patch
Arrowhead Patch
Arrowhead Patch
3 x 3.85 inches
Hunterdon District Event Patches
Event Patches
Hunterdon District Event Patches
Event Patches

Ed Dworak writes
The two patches to the left are really two sets of five patches each. They were really hard to scan because the segments would move when I closed the lid on my scanner. I moved the segments away from the center patch to show that they were separate patches. I still have the handwritten note from the seller that states "The District used the same center patch for several years but issued different rockers for events in different years." These represent two different years. I don't know the exact year they were issued and I don't have any other years. The round patch in the center is 3 inches diameter.

Undated Patches
Hunterdon Arrowhead District

George Washington Council District Patch Set
Hunterdon Arrowhead District Row 7, all columns

Bdr R/C Bkg Name Year Comment
GRN R WHT RED patch 1 rectangle
RED R GRN RED patch 2 round
GLD R WHT BLU none round
RED R GRN YEL none arrowhead
BLU R WHT RED none dome