1981 Mercer Area Patch
1981 Scouting Show
1982 Mercer Area Camporee Patch
1982 Camporee
1983 Mercer Area Camporee Patch
1983 Camporee
1983 Mercer Area Camporee Patch
1983 Fellowship
1984 Mercer Area Klondike Patch
1984 Klondike Patch
1984 Mercer Area Camporee Patch
1984 Fall Camporee
1985 Mercer Area Camporee Patch
1985 Camporee
1985 Mercer Area Klondike Patch
1985 Klondike

Patch Set 1981-1985
Mercer Area District

Mercer Area District was created at the end of 1981 with the merger of the Lenape Trail, Stony Brook, and Sanhican districts. Lenape Trail was Hamilton Township. Sanhican District was the city of Trenton and Ewing township. Stony Brook represented the Princeton and Pennington Areas. Consolidation of the smaller areas provided considerable cost savings to the Council
At the same time an Exploring District was established, overlapping the Mercer Area District, with both traditional and Career Education Exploring (now known as Learning for Life).
Mercer Area District was fairly consistent with its patch presentation with separate patches for the Camporee, Klondike, and Scouting Show each year. The Scouting Show was held at the Quaker Bridge Mall. You had to get there before 8am to get the Scouts organized and set up for the Show. It could be a long day. Read more about the Mall Show from the Trenton Evening Times

George Washington Council District Patch Collection
Mercer Area District Row 1, Column 5  
Mercer Area District Row 2, all columns