Undated Mercer Area Mall Show Patch
Undated Mercer Area Mall Show
Undated Mercer Area Camporee Patch
Undated Mercer Area Camporee
Undated Mercer Area Jubilee Patch
Undated Mercer Area Jubilee
Undated Mercer Area District Jacket Patch
Undated Mercer Area Jacket Patch
1980s Mercer Area Patch
Undated Mercer Area District Patch

Undated Patch Set
Mercer Area District


This page is the home of lost or abandoned Mercer Area District patches. None of these patches are dated. Please help if you recognize any of these patches. It is difficult to understand why there are no dates. I believe there was rule in place, when Mercer Area District was established that all patches had to show a date.

The top-right patch should be easy to place since it says Jubilee. The problem is Jubilee of what? George Washington Council started in 1937. Are we talking 1987?

The lower-right patch, I believe, dates back to the beginning of Mercer Area District. I was a Commissioner at that time and I remember Jeff Norton handing out caps with this patch. The patch to the lower-left measures 5.5 inches length and must be a jacket patch.

George Washington Council District Patch Collection
Mercer Area District Row 1, Columns 1,2,3,4

Bdr R/C Bkg Name FDL Year Comment
RED R ORG BLK GLD no date round
BLU R WHT GRN GLD no date round
BLU R BLU WHT GLD no date 5-sided
none R M/C RED GLD no date sled
BRN R YEL RED RED 1980s 8-sided