Past Headquarter Addresses For
George Washington Council

Where the various Council Service Centers were located through the years. Much of this information was provided by Robert Sulia. We make absolutely no guarantees as to the currency, accuracy, or quality of this information. Click on the images to see more detail in a new window.

Trenton Council
Broad Street Bank Building
143 East State Street
Trenton NJ

broad streetAt the corner of Montgomery Street and East State Street, next to the Federal Building and the Post Office and across from where the old Arnold Constable store was located. The bank, a little run down looking, and the Post Office are still there. Arnold's closed a long time ago.

Trenton Council
The Bell Telephone Building
214 East State Street
Trenton NJ

bellCouncil was located in one room, below ground level, with space for a Scout Executive, a registrar, and a bookkeeper. The building is still there, but is boarded up. The street number is 216, but there may have been a different entrance for the Council Service Center.

221 East Hanover Street
Trenton NJ
Could this be Mercer Area Council?

broad streetThis is a nice looking, somewhat run down brick or stucco, two story building, across the parking lot from the Bell Telephone building. This is now a rooming house.

George Washington Council
Douglas House
Stacy Park, Trenton NJ
Phone 5-6032, 5-2126
before 1965

douglas houseThis is a beautiful location, close to the Delaware River. Unfortunately, most of the council records were lost when the building became flooded during the storm of 1955, a difficult time for council. (Ref. 1)

George Washington Council
939 Parkside Avenue, Ewing NJ
Export 3-4159, Export 3-4159
around 1965 to 1965

parksideCouncil was here briefly. This is a lovely one story stone building, still in good condition, located about four or five miles northwest of Trenton.

George Washington Council
2620 US Route 1 (North Side)
Princeton NJ
1965 to October 31, 1980

lawrenceThe former Howard Johnson building, owned by Heinemann-Electric. The building no longer exists and has been replaced by a new car dealership.

George Washington Council
2425 Route 31
Trenton NJ 08638
July 1, 1980 to October 31, 1982

route 31This elegant office building is located in an area of considerable business development. Unfortunately, Council was awash with debt and could not afford to stay here.

George Washington Council
62 South Main Street
Pennington NJ 08534
November 1, 1982 to June 8, 1999

penningtonA lovely, old two story wooden building leased from the Pennington Methodist Church. After George Washington Council became part of Central New Jersey Council, the new council stayed here for about six months, until its new offices became available.

Central New Jersey Council
4315 US Route 1 (South Side)
Monmouth Junction NJ 08852-1903
June 9, 1999 to current

penningtonAn attractive, well located, stone building with lots of office space.

Back in the 1960s, when we were a lot younger, Rosemary and I would shop in Trenton every Thursday evening. We would drive to Sears, then walk over to Arnold's, then walk down to Lit's or maybe Yard's on Broad Street, and I always wanted to check out Layafette Radio on Front Street. On the weekend, we might have dinner and see a movie. On Sundays, we would go to church on Broad Street. Now, we are a lot older and all those fine moments are gone.
I am very positive on Trenton. There are some lovely areas in the city. If the city can ever figure out how to connect all the good things it has to offer, it is going to be a great city again.

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September 3, 1999