douglas house
from the Trentonia Room collection at the Trenton Public Library

George Washington Council
The Douglas House
Near the War Memorial Building

There was some confusion about where the office was located. Was it in the Douglas House or was it in the War Memorial Building? Some of the confusion was caused by references to Stacy Park, which is nowhere near the War Memorial Building.
Thanks to the help of the Trenton Historial Society and the Trentoniana Room at the Trenton Public Library, we have determined that the Council office was located in the Douglas House. If you look at a current map of the Trenton area, Stacy Park is considerably north of the War Memorial Building. However, around the 1950s, Stacy Park extended south to the area of the War Memorial Building and the Douglas House was located in Stacy Park. Later, when Route 29 was constructed, the Douglas House was relocated and Stacy Park was truncated to accommodate the new highway.
There have been five different locations for the Douglas House to date. When Council was in the Douglas House, the Douglas House was at its third location.
The sign, in front of the building, reads:
    George Washington Council
    Serves Mercer County, Warren County, and Hunterdon County.
   Member of the Delaware United Fund and the Princeton Community Chest.

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April 17, 2005