Merger History
George Washington Council

There is so much more to discover about the early history of the George Washington Council. This shows a little of the history of the council, but I want to know more. Please send any information that you would like to share with other scouters. I am embarrassed to show how little I understand about council history.

You are invited to submit information about council history or the history of your Scouting unit by using the email address provided on the Home Page.

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Merger Chart
A graphical time line showing the mergers leading to the George Washington Council. Time starts at the bottom and flows upward.

Council Merger History
Narrative history of mergers leading to the George Washington Council

Newspaper Articles
Newspaper articles about George Washington Council

Mergers in table form
A table of mergers, listed according to date. Essentially the same as the narrative history, but provides some additional detail.

Council address over the years
A table of where the Council Service Center was located, listed according to date. I hope to provide some photos once the weather improves.

George Washington Council
April 2, 2004