scouting days round patch
Scouting Days Round Patch
2nd Annual Scouting Days Patch
2nd Annual Scouting Days Patch
3rd Annual Scouting Days Patch
3rd Annual Scouting Days Patch

Scouting Days Patch Set
George Washington Council

Note the round patches shown here are quite different from the round patches shown as Round Patch Set. Can anyone date these patches. The patches on the right are unusual. They look similar to the round patch with the pocket hanger on top and what looks like a rocker below. However, that is not a rocker.
The section with 2nd Annual or 3rd Annual is actually part of the actual patch. You can tell this by examining the back of the patch and noting that there is no separation between the two sections. They are simply parts of the whole patch. It seems reasonable to assume somewhere there is a 1st Annual Scouting Days Patch. Anyone know what the Scouting Days activities were?

---RedCWHTREDunknown2nd Annual
---RedCWHTREDunknown3rd Annual

George Washington Council Patch Collection
two left patches courtesy Ed Dworak
right patch courtesy David Oertle
Council Issues Row 2, Entry 6