1978 camporee patch
1978 camporee patch
1978 camporee strip
1978 camporee strip set
1979 camporee patch
1979 camporee patch
1981 camporee patch
1981 camporee Patch
1982 camporee patch
1982 camporee Patch
1984 camporee patch
1984 camporee patch

Camporee Patch Set 1978-1984
George Washington Council

George Washington Council Patch Collection
Camporee Issues Row 2, columns 1-6

The three 1978 patches form a three patch set (actually one patch and two strips). Ed Dworak writes the following about the three patches:
"This is what I know about the three 1978 patches. I will refer to them as top, bottom and middle. The middle patch (World of Scouting) was a generic patch issued by 'National' and sold to every council that wanted to purchase it. The bottom patch (Camptivities) was an activities patch offered and sold by National from a long list of activity patches. This could have been a 'custom' patch ordered by GWC but I have no way of knowing for sure. The top patch (GWC BSA) was a 'custom' patch ordered by GWC. Think of the middle patch as a standard issue GWC 3-inch round patch and the top and bottom patches as 'rockers.' You couldn't wear the 'rockers' without the middle 'anchor' patch. Additional activity patches could be added at the bottom of the stack. I believe the middle patch was used for a few years but don't know if GWC issued more of the 'bottom' type activity patches."

 ORGRWHTORG1978strip top
 ORGRWHTORG1978strip bottom