george washington 1959 neckerchief
1959 Scout-Capades Neckerchief
george washington 1960s neckerchief
1960s Commissioner Neckerchief Full-square
george washington 1961 neckerchief
1961 Scout Show neckerchief
george washington 1972 neckerchief
1972 Brownsea Neckerchief
george washington 1960s neckerchief
1960s Commissioner Neckerchief Half-square
george washington council  commissoner neckerchief
Commissioner Neckerchief

Neckerchief Set 1960s-1972
George Washington Council

Full-square or Half-square Neckerchiefs:
Ed Dworak writes about the two Commissioner neckerchiefs:
"Both neckerchiefs are the same design but the top one is a "full square" (four sided) neckerchief and the bottom one is a typical "half square" or triangle (three sided) neckerchief. They belonged to a gentleman who was Commissioner in the early 1960's. I remember trying to wear a full square neckerchief once and it was hard to fold and hard to get the neckerchief slide on but it did look nice when you wore it. One full square and triangle issue that comes to mind is the 1937 National Jamboree which has both sized issues."

"The full square (4 sided) neckerchief measures 30 inches per side. The half-square (3 sided) neckerchief measures 27 inches on the two shorter sides. Normally, the full square neckerchiefs would be double imaged and Scouts would cut them in half, making two neckerchiefs out of one. They were hard to wear. You had to first fold the neckerchief in half. Then after you rolled it it was hard to get the neckerchief slide on."

Brownsea Island Scout camp
Brownsea Island is recognized as the first Boy Scout Camp where the Scouting experiment began with Lieutenant-General Lord Baden-Powell and 20 boys. Click here for more information about Brownsea Island

George Washington Council Patch Collection
Neckerchiefs Row 1, columns 1–6