George Washington Council 1963 Philmont Patch (NJ)
1963 Philmont Patch (NJ)
George Washington Council 1963 Philmont Patch (NM)
1963 Philmont Patch (NM)

1963 Philmont Patch Set
George Washington Council

There are two versions of this patch. Both show George Washington Council in New Jersey, Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico and some stops along the way. About two weeks prior to our departure, Vince Hanft, our adult group leader, held a pre-departure get together. At that time he gave each of us two of the expedition patches (the patch on the left). Each star on the patch was one of the stops on the journey. In that era we went by bus and stopped at numerous places. On our return when we were unloading from the bus he gave each of us two of the patches with the stars (stops) missing (the patch on the right). They were mistakes by the manufacturer but nonetheless they were given to all of the expedition members. (Randall Holden)
Our 1963 Philmont trip was by bus, Starr Bus Tours from Trenton, and lasted thirty days. We left from the parking lot from the old Parkside Avenue GWC office. We spent only 14 days at Philmont, so we were on the road eight days each way. I didn't keep a diary of exactly where all of the overnight stops were but they were all at military facilities. For instance the first night we stayed at an Ohio National Guard facility and the Ohio State Fair was across the street so that evening we all went to the fair.
Along the way we went to Mt.Rushmore and, stayed at a Wyoming Air National Guard facility and went to the Wyoming Rodeo Days. We spent two days at the Air Force Academy, with side trips to Mt.Manitou, Pike's Peak, The Garden of the Gods, a dedication ceremony of the Air Force Academy's new golf course and met former President Eisenhower who hit the ceremonial first golf balls at the course. I remember having my first buffalo steak at the Air Force Academy's Officer's Club where we ate. We also stopped at the Koshare Indian Kiva either coming or going. Every day was a new adventure with lots to see. (Ed Dworak)

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