Pack 10 Pennington, NJ
George Washington Council

I was talking to one of the former scoutmasters for Troop 42, when he mentioned that he had also been a packmaster for Pack 10. Which was when I said, "You were WHAT?" I have always been the master of the snappy reply. I had lived in Pennington for so many years, but had never heard of Pack 10 until then.
There is not much information about Pack 10. Hopefully, something may turn up in the local newspaper archives.
A former den leader said that her son was in the pack from 1967 to 1970. Pack meetings were at the old Toll Gate School, at the south end of the Borough. Den meetings were at her home.
She said that the pack did not go to summer camp or to day camp, but they did camp a lot at Peterson's nursey.

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May 2, 2004