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How can I possibly summerize more then 25 years experience in just a few short paragraphs? So many leaders, so many boys, so many activities. Each of them are special. However, because of privacy concerns, this history will tend to avoid names. If you would like to contribute your comments, or just be personally acknowledged, please contact me.
Perhaps, I could start by comparing then and now. When we started, almost all the den leaders were mothers and the dens met in private homes, right after school. Usually the packmaster was the Webelos den leader, because National required male leaders at Webelos summer camp. Now, there is a good mix of male and female leaders, although, for a while we seemed to have considerably more male leaders. Women can now act as Cubmaster.
I think we were a closer group back then. We were smaller, we tended to have more common interests, the mothers tended to be home during the day and perhaps had more contact with each other. Activities seemed less grand, more spur of the moment. We would decide to do something, organize the driving and off we go.
At the beginning, the packmaster's wife, was the pack treasurer, secretary, and general go-to-person when there were problems. We tended to do pretty much the same activities as other packs, The usual Spring and Fall family campouts, summer camp, picnics at Kunkel Park, visits to local museums, businesses, anything that might interest and educate the boys.
We did summer camp at Yards Creek Scout Reservation until it closed in the mid-1990s. Other summer camps were at Quail Hill Scout Reservation, Ockinecken Scout Reservation, and now Kittatinny Scout Reservation.
Day camps, in the summer, were held at Rosedale Park and Mercer County Park. Rosemary organized and managed day camp for several summers.
I have never regretted the time spent with the pack. This was a wonderful opportunity to spend time, one on one, with my son. We did things that would never have happened outside scouting. I met many, many fine leaders and spent many, many hours with great kids. I like to believe that I have helped some of them grow into responsible adults. Someday, perhaps, I will be lucky enough to work with their boys.

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April 20, 2004

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