What Your Dues Cover
Cub Pack 44 Pennington, NJ
George Washington Council

In the Central New Jersey Council, all Cub Packs register with council in January, for the period of January to December. Similar to most Cub Packs organized to operate from September to June, corresponding to the usual school year, Pack 44 registers all new and returning Cub Scouts in September.

Boys who register with the pack for the first time in September, such as new Tiger Scouts, pay a small additional amount covering the months of September through December. Boys who join the pack after the pack has registered are charged a pro-rated amount, depending upon the month they join.

Editor's Note:This is an interesting illustration of how the pack allotted it's budget while I was involved. There is no claim that this continues to be an accurate representation of the current pack budget.



New Cubs


pack dues



stays with pack

council dues



goes to council and national

Boy's Life



goes to national

total 1



with Boy's Life

total 2



without Boy's Life

Pack 44 includes the cost of several scheduled Pack events as part of your annual dues. This is in addition to the cost of registering your son with the Council and the cost of Boy's Life. Your Pack Committee believes that this helps you by allowing you to write a single check, rather than having to write a check for each event, and helps the pack by making our bookkeeping less complicated.

pack dues include

pack dues do not include

Pancake Breakfast
Pinewood Derby
Blue and Gold Dinner (for
   Cub and immediate family)
Fall Campout
Spring Campout
Kunkel Park Picnic
Summer Pool Party

Winter Camp-In
Sporting Events
Events sponsored by Council
Events sponsored by District

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