Be Safe Selling Pop Corn
George Washington Council
Pack 44 Pennington, NJ

Each year, Pack 44 participates in the nationwide Annual Scout Pop Corn Sale sponsored by the National Boy Scout organization, usually held around October. Since our commissions from the sale provide a major share of our annual operating funds, we hope all Pack members will participate. During the sale, Cubs sell packages of pop corn, made by the Trail's End company and available in many delicious flavors and varieties. Sales may include door to door soliciation, booths at local stores or schools, and perhaps from co-workers.
The Pack offers the following suggestions for ensuring the safety of everyone involved with the pop corn sale.
   Cubs should wear their uniforms
   Cubs should go in groups with other Cubs or Scouts
   Younger Cubs should go with parents
   Cubs should always stay with people they know
   Stay on the porch or sidewalk
   Younger Cubs should go during daylight
   Always carry a flashlight at night
   NEVER, NEVER go into anyone's house or apartment
   NEVER, NEVER go alone
Pack 44 hopes your Cub and his family have the best year of Cub Scouting ever!

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