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Editor's Note: Each year, the Pack would run a brief update on its monthly activities. The two service projects were done at the Grammer school, corner of Main and Curlis. I have no idea when the events listed on the page occurred, althugh it is fun to reread the page.

September: Our kick-off pack meeting for the season. This year an outdoor event in the evening at Kunkel Park. The fire department brought several fire vehicles for display and instruction about fire safety. The boys had a wonderful time.

October: We picked a bad weekend for the pack meeting and campout. The weather was quite rainy and we had to cancel.

November: The pack meeting was combined with an overnight camp-in at the Philadelphia Zoo. There were scheduled activities for the boys and everyone had a great time.

December: The Pack Cake Bake competition. Some great entries this year. We took about 20 cakes to Trenton for distribution to the Food Kitchen.

January: the Pinewood Derby. We usually start by having the kids work on their cars at home or in the dens. Then, we have a pack work day the Saturday before the race, where the leaders help with final details. The kids finish their designs, weigh the cars, fill the cars with lead, sand the wheels, and put a prime coat on the cars. This is an opportunity to level resources so that every boy has access to lead, scales, tools and advice.
At the pack meeting, the Friday before the race, we have an appearance judging where the best cars of each den are selected ("best" can be a very vague concept). The boys also review the cars and vote on a "Cubs Choice."
Finally, Saturday is race day. We have an electric timer that reads the track time and one of the leaders brings a computer. The boys race, two at a time, and we record all the times. After each boy has raced two times, we total all the times, then the 32 boys with the fastest times go on to an elimination competition. In the elimination round, two boys race against each other, one boy wins and goes on until a grand champion is declared.
In addition to the race, the pack arranges to sell hot dogs, soda and other snacks. So the boys run around, make a lot of noise, eat a lot and have a generally good time, and somebody wins.

February: Usually the Blue and Gold dinner. However, this year there was a problem scheduling the event, so the February pack meeting was pretty low key. We had the usual awards and the dens made their reports, a few stories and some games , then home to bed.

March: And our rescheduled Blue and Gold Dinner. This is a major event in our pack. One of the local schools, The Pennington School, allows us to use their dining hall. The Pennington School, a private, coeducational institute, has been in Pennington for a long time and enjoys excellent relations with the town. The dining hall is a lovely, colorful, big room.
The Cubmaster gave a short presentation about famous Scouts. He would give a few clues about a person, then everyone would try to guess who it was. He also had slides showing the person. After the presentation, we did the Webelos graduation into the Boy Scouts. Goodbye and good luck to our eleven year old boys. The past efforts of the Webelos leaders was acknowledged. Then, some of the dens did skits. Awards were given to the dens and the program was over. The last thing to do was to clean up the dining room and say good night.

April: Scheduled to be physical activities at one of our local parks. This is usually an evening of games and contests for the boys. This year, it was an evening of rain. Our fallback program was to assemble at the Pennington Presbyterian Church, our usual meeting location, hand out the awards and go home. So, we had a short pack meeting this month.

May: Generally, because this is such a busy month, we do not schedule a pack meeting. Instead, we concentrate on Pennington Day and Memorial Day activities. Let me tell you about Pennington Day. This is a big town festival, where we close off main street and a few side roads and people set up booths for crafts and foods. Some years, there may be a special breakfast or a dinner, there may be music and street musicians, there may be a dance or all kinds of other activities. It is a big happy time, people talk to each other, the kids run around and everybody smiles.
The pack operates several games for the young children, usually a golf putt and a bean bag toss. The games are inexpensive and everyone wins something. The boys run the whole thing, with adult guidance. It is wonderful to watch the boys, they are very serious about their responsibility.

June: With the closing of the school year, this is usually the end of the pack schedule. Time to start planning summer vacations and taking the den to Cub camp. The June pack event is the family campout, which was a great success -- good weather, good program, lots of families.

One of the wonderful qualities of our town is its concern for our children. As the scouting year ends, I want to acknowledge the many volunteers who have supported the Cub Scouting program. The leaders have worked well together to create an excellent program. This year our Cubmaster for the past four years is leaving us for the Boy Scouts. He has done a fine job as Cubmaster, we shall miss him. Thanks Rod.

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February 14, 1999