Pack 44 Build Your Car
George Washington Council
Pennington, NJ

This is always one of the most popular events during the Cub Scouting season. Almost all of the Cub Scouts and the Tiger Scouts participate by constructing small, wooden cars of their own design
A successful Pinewood Derby means a fun event for your boy and his family. While winning is always nice, it is far more important that your boy enjoys his experience. He should feel the satisfaction of participating to the best of his ability both for himself and as a member of his den. This should be an opportunity for him to share, enjoy, learn.
The car created by your boy should express his artistic and mechanical abilities. While he will need help with the construction, the final result should reflect his effort as fully as possible.
This is a collection of ideas related to the Derby, intended especially to help parents of new Scouts. Boys who do well at the Derby should consider entering their cars in the District race, to be held later in the year.

Building the car
How the Derby is organized
How the race is organized
Pinewood Derby Rules
A Brief History
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