Pinewood Derby Rules
George Washington Council
Pack 44 Pennington, NJ

Material in the Scout Grand Prix boxes 
conforms to these specifications.

Length, Width, and Clearance
 a. Maximum length 7 inches including wheels and trim.
 b. Maximum width 2-3/4 inches including wheels and axles.
 c. Minimum width between wheels 1-3/4 inches.
 d. Minimum clearance between bottom of car and track 3/8 inch.
 e. Axle location must conform to precut slots.

Weight and Appearance
 a. Maximum weight 5 ounces on Official Scale.
 b. Details such as steering wheel, decals, etc, may be used
    provided car, including details, does not exceed maximum
    length, width, weight specifications.
 c. Cars will not be accepted with wet paint.

Wheels and Axles
 a. Official Scout Grand Prix wheels and axles shall be used.
 b. Wheels and axles may be lightly sanded and polished.
 c. Wheels, hubs, axles shall be flat, not tapered, not cupped.
 d. Beveling, thin sanding, wafering, lathe turning are prohibited.
 e. Wheel bearings, washers, bushings are prohibited. <<<<<<
 f. Speed wheels and speed axles are prohibited.
 g. Any type of spring is prohibited.
 h. The car must be free wheeling, driven entirely by gravity,
    with no starting device or other propulsion.

 a. Only dry powder lubricants, such as graphite, may be used.
 b. Cars shall not be lubricated after inspection.

Ground rules
 a. The Derby is open to all Scouts in Pack 44.
 b. Cars must have been made for this Derby.
    Cars made for a previous Derby are not permitted.
 c. Cars should be made and decorated by the Scout.
    Adult assistance is encouraged.  However, remember that 
    the Derby is run for the benefit of the boys.
 d. If a car leaves its lane, the heat will be run again.  If the
    car leaves its lane a second time, the car is disqualified.
 e. If a car suffers a mechanical problem, and can be repaired
    within a reasonable time, the heat will be run again.
    Otherwise, the car is disqualified.    
 f. Only race officials and those boys racing will be permitted
    into the registration and track area.

Inspection and Disputes
 a. Each car must pass inspection before it can compete.
    Cars which fail to satisfy Derby rules will be disqualified.
    Car owners will be given an opportunity to make corrections.
    Cars which pass inspection shall not be inspected again.
 b. Appeals should be directed to the Race Committee Chairperson
    and decided by a majority vote of the Race Committee.  In the
    event of a tie vote, the decision of the Race Committee
    Chairperson will be final.
 c. Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike conduct by any participant or
    member of the audience will be grounds for expulsion from the
    competition or from the race area

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