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Time Line of Scouting in Pennington Area
George Washington Council

This shows the units associated with Pennington Borough. Dotted lines indicate where the unit registration lapsed.
Pennington Troop (1915-1918), and Troop 1 were chartered originally with National in New York City, without being affiliated with a district or a council. When George Washington Council was chartered in 1937, Troop 1 affiliated with the Council.
I don't know if the troop actually chartered as Troop 1 or if it was simply convenient to refer to the unit as the first troop in Pennington. The troop registered with the newly formed George Washington Council around 1937. I am not sure if the troop registered as Troop 41 or whether the name changed afterward.
Between 1937 and December 31, 1998, all of the active units chartered with the George Washington Council. On January 1, 1999, the active units transferred to the newly created Central New Jersey Council. Old timers tell me that there were five districts in George Washington Council when it began in 1937; Hunterdon Arrowhead District, Jenny Jump District, Lenape Trail District, Sanhican District, and Stony Brook District. I have no evidence whether the Hunterdon Arrowhead District and Jenny Jump District names were used when George Washington Council began in 1937. Some newspaper articles refer to simply Hunterdon County and Warren County.
The Pennington units were in the Stony Brook District as late as 1981. I believe the Districts were re-organized in 1982 and the Pennington units were moved to the newly created Mercer Area District.
Currently (2008), there are three active units in Pennington Borough; Troop 41, Troop 44 and Pack 44.

Time Line
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