The First Troop Roster
Scouting in Pennington Borough
George Washington Council

Reference: Pennington Profile
Margaret J. O'Connell
second edition


independent troop; not affiliated with a district organization; received charter from National Council

Scout Master

Earl Teel

Assistant Scout Master

Charles N. Troop


Frank Chatten
"Scoop" Fields
Donald Hart
William P Howe Jr.
Radcliffe Jones
Edwin Knowles Jr.
John Minschwaner

Hale Bucher
Edwin Morrell
Gerald Phillips
Edgar Stover
David Teel
George Vannoy
Paul Wagner
Orrin Warren

Writing about these people creates a strange sense of nostalgia. Many of these names are well known in the Pennington area and several of the families are still here. I have worked with some of their sons and grandsons.

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September 2, 1999