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Scouting in Pennington Borough
George Washington Council

June 28, 1916: Teams of Boy scouts traveled the roads around Pennington Friday morning carrying invitations to all the surrounding people to attend the big community picnic and sports contests in Kunkel Park on July 4th.
July, 1916: At the montly meeting of the Pennington Boy Scouts, they were presented with a 14 foot rowboat with oars and equipment. The boat being now on the Stony Brook.
July 12, 1916: The Pennington Boy Scouts packed up their equipment at an early hour Saturday morning and established a camp at Taylorsville, PA, where they will remain for a week. They were accompanied by Scoutmaster C. Earl Teel and joined later in the day by Assistant Scoutmaster Charles M. Titus. (note: This may have been the Pennsylvania side of the present Washington Crossings Park. . . jos)
November 1, 1916: The Boy Scouts of Hopewell held a meeting recently and made arrangements for the winter basket ball season. Cornelius Allen was made captain and David Bellis manager. William Weart is acting in the capacity of Coach.
November 18, 1916: The Hopewell Boy Scouts, accompanied by their Scoutmaster Rev. Edward S. Brearley, went on a hike to Princeton on Saturday.
The excerpts, shown above, are from the Hopewell Herald for 1916 to 1918. Unfortunately, the 1915 issues are not available.

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